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Bruce Haynes

Chairman, SVC Public Affairs, Washington, D.C.

A 30 year veteran of politics and public affairs, Bruce’s work has included managing global crises, leading efforts to successfully reposition companies and industries, and reputation management for leading brands in the telecommunications, energy, financial services and health care categories.

Engagements include:

  • Part of a communications leadership team that designed and executed the crisis and reputation strategy for a multinational energy company during and after the largest maritime oil spill in history
  • Lead counsel to the Board of Directors of one of the world’s leading business advisory firms on a CEO succession strategy
  • Counseling the Independent Directors of the Board of Wells Fargo during their independent investigation of the bank’s sales practices
  • Lead external agency counsel on a multi-stakeholder brand restoration effort for a major U.S. manufacturing company recovering from crisis
  • Helping guide the response to a federal agency imposing a significantly impairing regulatory designation on Fortune 50 company; campaign resulted in the federal agency agreeing to drop the designation

Bruce also serves as co-chair of SVC’s COVID-19 Task Force, helping coordinate internal analysis and counseling clients on all aspects of internal and external communications related to the global pandemic.

Prior to joining the firm, Bruce co-founded the communications firm Purple Strategies. Bruce is a member of the Arthur W. Page Society, the Department of Communications Advisory Council at the College of Charleston and is Secretary of the President’s Advisory Council of Furman University.

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