A Webinar Series

Legal & Communications Considerations in the COVID-19 Environment


Communicating in Unprecedented Times

March 19, 2020

We hope you and your families are well and staying safe. As the global response to COVID-19 continues to escalate, SVC is working closely with clients around the world to help them navigate myriad issues created by the pandemic. With the health of employees and businesses at risk, the stakes are high.

Applying our decades of experience in crisis response, public affairs, employee engagement, research, and digital and financial communications, we are helping clients keep their people safe and communicate effectively with all their stakeholders. We’re also supporting our pro bono clients as they communicate with their constituencies during these uncertain times.

Some of the questions we are helping clients answer:

  • How do we communicate with employees to keep them safe and engaged?
  • How do we prepare for a meeting with government about our contribution to the national COVID-19 response?
  • How do we allay fears about our supply chain?
  • Should we delay or amend our regular business announcements?
  • How do we maintain stakeholder confidence in the face of collapsing demand for our services?
  • Can we cut through the noise to highlight how our products and services can help?
  • What should we do about our financial guidance?
  • What are best practices for conducting a virtual annual meeting?

We are running at full speed, connected around the world, to help with these critical questions and more. Please feel free to reach out, any time, either to your usual SVC contacts or to our designated Task Force at CovidTaskForce@sardverb.com.